Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr


USB-A to USB-C Cable 2Mtr

1x USB-A (plug) to 1x USB-C (plug)

charging current up to 3.0A

Supports USB Protocol

480Mbps data transfer rate

Nylon Braided

This USB to USB This USB-A to USB-C cable has been certified by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) to meet all USB 3.1 specifications. This includes all environmental, electrical and mechanical standards set for USB compliance, ensuring a high-quality, reliable cable for all of your USB-C devices.-C cable lets you connect your USB-C devices to the USB-A port on a computer or charger.

Wide Compatibility:

This data transfer and charging cable USB 3. 0 to USB C lead is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S21, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Huawei, iPad mini-6, GoPro Hero MacBook Pro, Huawei, iPad mini-6, GoPro Hero 7, PS5- Gray and more

Fast Charge USB C 3.0 Cable:

This USB A to USB C 3.0 data cable supports Quick Charge 3.0/2.0, AFC as well as FCP fast charging protocols. It delivers current up to 3A and charging power up to 18W (5V/3A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A). With this USB 3.0 C charging cable, your smartphone and tablets can be charged quickly to save time.


This USB A 3.0 to USB C charging cable is comprised of a nylon jacket and aluminum housing

Color Black, Blue, Green

The Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable has the USB-IF certification confirms its conformity with USB 3.1 requirements, ensuring not just excellent performance but also durability across a wide range of USB-C devices. Join us on a trip as we explore the Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr's broad compatibility, quick charging capabilities, and durability, which make it a game changer in the world of communication.

Certified Excellence: USB-IF Certification.

The Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr has achieved USB-IF certification from the USB Implementers Forum. This certification demonstrates the cable's conformance to the strict USB 3.1 criteria. The certification, which includes environmental, electrical, and mechanical criteria, confirms that the cable is more than simply a connection; it is a dependable and high-quality solution for all USB-C devices. Whether you're connected to a computer or a charger, the Mowsil cable provides reliable and compliant performance.

Wide Compatibility: Connecting Dots Across Devices

One of the most notable aspects of the Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable is its broad compatibility. This data transmission and charging connection bridges the gap between USB 3.0 and USB-C, providing compatibility with a wide range of devices. This connection connects the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Xiaomi to the OnePlus, Huawei, iPad mini-6, GoPro Hero, MacBook Pro, and PS5-Gray, ensuring that no gadget is left behind. Whether you're transferring data or charging your gadgets, the Mowsil cable fits smoothly into your electronic environment.

Fast Charge USB C 3.0 Cable: Charging Your Devices at Lightning Speed

Speed is essential in our fast-paced digital life, and the Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr delivers on that front. This cable supports Quick Charge 3.0/2.0, AFC, and FCP fast charging protocols, allowing for charging power of up to 18W. With current supply capabilities of 5V/3A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A, your smartphone and tablets will charge quickly, saving you time. Whether you're headed out the door or need a fast charge in between jobs, the Mowsil cable keeps your gadgets ready to go.

Durability: Built to Last and Crafted for Reliability

The Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr provides more than simply good performance; it's also built to last. This cable is designed to resist the rigours of daily usage, featuring a strong nylon jacket and an aluminium housing. The nylon jacket is flexible yet strong, and the aluminium housing protects the internal components. Say goodbye to flimsy cables that tear and degrade with time; the Mowsil cable is built to be a dependable friend, with durability to match its performance.

Versatile applications: from home to office, wherever you go.

The Mowsil USB to USB-C Cable 2Mtr has no boundaries; it smoothly adjusts to your lifestyle. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the road, this cable becomes an indispensable tool. Connect your devices to your computer for data transfer, use a charger for fast charging, or incorporate them into your workstation for a tangle-free environment. The adaptability of the Mowsil cable is intended to suit your active lifestyle.

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