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Have you ever been in situations where you have one source and want to send that source’s signal to multiple devices? Technically this is possible. Wondering how? With HDMI splitters. These splitters take one input and convert it into two. When looking for HDMI splitters in Dubai, Mowsil is one of the most reliable companies. If you want to get your hands on premium quality HDMI splitters without breaking the bank, Mowsil is the right option for you.

HDMI splitter cables have been common for decades. It will duplicate a signal and send it through different HDMI cables. 

If you wish to run two screens simultaneously, keep in mind that the maximum resolution for all is the lowest resolution display. In other words, if you have a 4K source, a 4K TV, and a 1080p TV, the 4K source will only deliver 1080p. The splitter will not only transform the signal to 1080p for that TV.

HDMI is now one of the most used high-definition video transmission standards. If you need to connect numerous TVs to a single set-top box or media player, you may discover that the source device does not have enough HDMI output ports. What can you do in this situation? Purchase additional source devices and connect them to a television set. This is not the easiest or most adaptable technique to accomplish your goal. To deliver a single HDMI signal to many monitors, you'll need an HDMI splitter.

How does an HDMI splitter work?

An HDMI splitter can split an HDMI signal and distribute it to several screens. All display devices can get the same full-HD or Ultra-HD image as the source device, as well as the same audio. Suppose your HDMI splitter fails to split signals. In that case, it's most likely due to HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), a technology integrated into media players, TVs, and cable boxes that assures you're not playing pirated content. 

Some splitters can support HDCP management, which authenticates HDCP encryption amongst all devices in real-time, guaranteeing that the proper source video is delivered to each display.

Why is a HDMI splitter useful?

There are several reasons why you would wish to split an HDMI signal. For example, you may have a single HDMI source, such as a game console, that you want to connect to many televisions in various rooms.

Also, you may wish to divide the signal from a video wall processor to display on many displays in a conference room or public place. An HDMI splitter is a simple and cost-effective solution to do this.

What is a HDMI switch?

HDMI switches have grown in popularity as a way to manage several devices connected to a single television or display. With an increasing number of entertainment alternatives available, such as game consoles, streaming devices, and computer connections, many home entertainment setups need more HDMI ports than a standard TV provides.

An HDMI switch is a simple but useful gadget that increases the amount of HDMI inputs that your TV or display can take.

By connecting numerous HDMI sources to the switch, it essentially substitutes the TV's input selector, enabling you to pick which device's content to display on your TV. Some modern HDMI switches also provide automated switching, sensing the current device and picking its input automatically.

Mowsil is known as the best distributor of both HDMO switches and HDMI splitter cables in Dubai. With our uncompromised quality and customer support we stand at the hearts of different businesses all around the region. 

What is the difference between HDMI switch & HDMI splitter?

An HDMI splitter divides a single signal into numerous outputs, but an HDMI switch allows you to choose between various sources and send the chosen source to a single display.

For example, if your TV only has one HDMI input but you have many HDMI sources, such as a cable box, a gaming console, and a Blu-ray player, you may use an HDMI switch to connect all of the sources to the switch and output the selected source to the TV.

How to choose the right HDMI splitter?

1. Number of Outputs: The first consideration is how many screens will be connected to the splitter. HDMI splitters with multiple outputs, ranging from two to eight or more, are available.

2. Refresh Rate and Resolution: The HDMI splitter you select should support the resolution and refresh rate of your source device and monitors. If your source device, for example, offers 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate, ensure sure the splitter can handle it.

3. Audio Formats: Some HDMI splitters support advanced audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Make sure the splitter supports the audio format of your source device if you want to enjoy high-quality sound on your screens.

4. Compatibility: Verify the HDMI splitter's compatibility with your source device and screens. Some HDMI splitters may not be compatible with specific devices or may not operate at all.

Why is Mowsil the right option for you?

For businesses all around Dubai, Mowsil has worked towards distributing various connecting products that are not only of the best quality but also at even better prices. With our experience, and a team of tech experts we can assure you the best HDMI audio video splitter in Dubai. 

If you want to know more about one of the best 4k HDMI switches and HDMI splitters, ring us today!

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