Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable 1.2Mtr


USB-A Cable 3 in 1

Multiple Charger Cable 2m

USB Type C | Micro USB Connector | Lightning Connector

Nylon braided and Aluminium Alloy Moduled

Up to 480 Mbps Speed

3 in 1 Charging Cable is all in one portable charging solution for those who are on move all the time. Three different interfaces are suitable for almost all USB powered devices, it is created exclusively for the purposes high quality, convenient charging of several devices simultaneously or individually.

  • The cable is made of high quality durable materials Nylon braided and Aluminum Alloy Module. The internal wire is pure copper weaves which guarantee fast and safe charging
  • The Mowsil 3in1 cable is a universal cable equipped with different connectors for quick charging in three devices. The cable is equipped with a standard USB input and 3 connectors with different Micro-USB, Lightning and Type-C terminals to connect three different devices with different ports to power.
  • Data Transfer: Up to 480 Mbps Speed
Color Black, Blue, Green

The Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable 1.2Mtr provides smooth and adaptable communication in the ever-changing world of technology. This cable is intelligently intended to ease your charging and data transfer needs, with several charger options and a handy combination of USB Type C, Micro USB, and Lightning connections. As we examine the potential of this unique cable, we will delve into its features, advantages, and countless ways to enhance your digital existence.

Versatility at its Core: USB-A Cable 3 in 1

The Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable demonstrates the brand's dedication to versatility and consumer ease. The USB-A connection on one end acts as an anchor, enabling compatibility with a broad range of devices, including regular USB ports, power banks, and chargers. This one connection removes the need for many cables, simplifying your setup and minimising wire clutter.

Multiple Charger Cable 1.2Mtr: Flexible Charging Anywhere You Go

The Mowsil 3 in 1 Cable, with a practical length of 1.2 metres, gives the versatility you want in a variety of settings. Whether you're connecting your smartphone to a wall adapter, vehicle charger, or laptop, the large length provides convenience without losing speed or performance. Enjoy the independence of charging your gadgets without being connected to a power source.

Universal connectivity: USB Type C, Micro USB, and Lightning connectors.

What distinguishes the Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable is its trio of connections, which support a wide range of devices. The USB Type C connector is designed to work with the newest gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The Micro USB connector is still used by many older devices, while the Lightning connector is designed for the Apple environment, making this cable truly global.

Durability and Design: Nylon Braided and Aluminium Alloy Moduled

The Mowsil 3 in 1 Cable is more than simply a useful attachment; it's a statement about strength and style. The cable is constructed with a nylon braided exterior that provides strong protection against ordinary wear and tear. This design option not only increases longevity, but it also gives the product a more quality appearance and feel.

The connections have an Aluminium Alloy module, which provides additional protection and reinforces important places to withstand bending and stress. This mix of materials means that the Mowsil cable is not only durable, but also fray-resistant, making it a dependable companion for daily usage.

Speed meets efficiency: up to 480 Mbps.

Speed is an important component in the digital era, and the Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable does not disappoint. This connection has a data transmission speed of up to 480 Mbps, ensuring that your files travel quickly between devices. Whether you're transferring images, movies, or huge documents, the Mowsil cable maximises efficiency, saving you time.

Applications for various devices and scenarios:

The Mowsil USB to 3 in 1 Cable is designed to adapt to a variety of devices and settings, making it a flexible addition to any tech collection.

Smartphones and tablets: Connect smoothly to your Android or iOS device, providing fast charging and data transfer.


Laptops and computers: Transfer data with ease between your laptop and other devices.

Power Banks and Chargers: Charge numerous devices with a single wire, eliminating clutter in your charging station.

Car Chargers: Keep your smartphone charged while on the road by connecting it to your car charger.

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