Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 10Mtr


USB 2.0 Cable

Connector: A Male to B Male

4 Core, 1.5 A

Grey PVC housing


This universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 A-Male to B-Male cable is commonly used between a
computer and a printer as well as many other USB devices. This cable can provide data transfer
rates of up to 480Mbps
USB 2.0 Cable
Cable length: 1.8 M to 5 M
Connector: A Male to B Male
4 Core, 2 A
Grey PVC housing
High-Speed Transfer
Up to 480Mbps transfers data speed for USB 2.0 devices, the printer cable is backwards
compliant with full-speed USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1.5Mbps).
Premium Quality
Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors and foil/braid shielding make the printer scanner
cable cords more long-term performance (without noise or signal loss).
Plug & Play, Easy Installation
Plug the standard Type-A Male connector into your computer, and the Type-B connector into
your other device.
Wide Compatibility
The Printer Cable is compatible with common devices with USB type B connectors like Arduino,
Blue, Brother, Canon, CyberPower, Dell, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, IOGEAR, Lexmark, M-Audio, and

Color Black, Blue, Green

In the ever-changing technological scene, where quick data transfer and communication are critical, the Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 10Mtr stands out as a pioneer. With a considerable 10-meter length, this cable is more than simply a data conduit; it is also a bridge that links devices effortlessly. As we dive into the subtle aspects of this product, we discover a tapestry of attributes that redefine the standard for printer cables, making it a must-have tool for consumers across several sectors.

The Power of Ten Meters:

The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable's key feature is its remarkable 10-meter length. This significant improvement gives customers unrivalled versatility, allowing them to connect printers and other USB devices across longer distances without the limits of proximity to a power source. Whether you're setting up a home office, a professional printing station, or a collaborative workplace, the 10Mtr length allows you to strategically put your devices without compromising.

USB 2.0 Prowess

Under the surface, the Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable makes use of USB 2.0 technology. This provides high-speed data transmission rates of up to 480Mbps, which fully meets the needs of current printers and data-intensive applications. The cable's USB 2.0 capabilities not only allow for faster data transfer, but it also remain backwards compatible with full-speed USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1.5Mbps) devices, demonstrating its versatility to a wide range of technology contexts.

Durable Construction for Longevity:

The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable is designed for long-term use. The cable is built to resist the rigours of regular usage, assuring a dependable connection during its long lifespan. The connections are designed to withstand continuous plugging and unplugging, minimizing concerns about wear and tear. Mowsil's focus to durability extends beyond usefulness, resulting in a cable that can withstand the test of time.

Versatility in connectivity:

The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable's 10-meter length expands the options available to consumers looking for various connecting solutions. This cable is compatible with printers, scanners, and a variety of other USB type B devices, transcending traditional limits. Whether you're running a complicated printing setup in the office or connecting devices in a creative studio, the Mowsil cable adjusts seamlessly to your connectivity requirements.

Plug and Play Simplicity:

The USB 2.0 Printer Cable, like other Mowsil products, is designed for easy plug-and-play operation. The installation method is simplified, allowing customers to connect the normal Type-A Male connector to their computer and the Type-B Male connector to their printer or other devices with simplicity. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to a seamless connected experience.

Secure and Stable Connection:

A safe and robust connection is essential in the world of data transport. The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable meets this demand with gold-plated connections. These connections not only withstand corrosion but also provide a continuous and dependable connection between your computer and gadgets. Users may put an end to the aggravation of inconsistent connections and data transfer.

Tangle-Free Design:

To further enhance user experience, Mowsil has incorporated a tangle-free design into the USB 2.0 Printer Cable. This thoughtful feature minimizes the hassle of untangling cords, ensuring a clutter-free workspace. Users can now focus on their tasks without unnecessary distractions, appreciating the simplicity and elegance of a well-designed cable.

Wide Compatibility:

The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable is not confined to a select few devices; instead, it embraces wide compatibility. Devices with USB type B connectors, including printers from brands like Brother, Canon, Epson, and more, seamlessly integrate with this cable. Mowsil's commitment to universal compatibility ensures that users have the freedom to connect a myriad of devices without compatibility concerns.

The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 10Mtr overcomes the typical restrictions of printer connections by providing consumers with an extended length that enables communication across several domains. From home offices to professional workstations, creative studios to collaborative workplaces, this cable demonstrates Mowsil's commitment to seamless communication. The combination of a 10-meter length, USB 2.0 capability, rugged construction, and varied compatibility makes this cable an essential tool for customers who want quality in their communication options.

Order your Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 10Mtr today and transform how you connect and interact in the digital age. Mowsil unlocks the possibility for seamless connectivity.

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