Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 5Mtr


USB 2.0 Cable

Connector: A Male to B Male

4 Core, 1.5 A

Grey PVC housing



This universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 A-Male to B-Male cable is commonly used between a
computer and a printer as well as many other USB devices. This cable can provide data transfer
rates of up to 480Mbps
USB 2.0 Cable
Cable length: 1.8 M to 5 M
Connector: A Male to B Male
4 Core, 2 A
Grey PVC housing
High-Speed Transfer
Up to 480Mbps transfers data speed for USB 2.0 devices, the printer cable is backwards
compliant with full-speed USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and low-speed USB 1.0 (1.5Mbps).
Premium Quality
Corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors and foil/braid shielding make the printer scanner
cable cords more long-term performance (without noise or signal loss).
Plug & Play, Easy Installation
Plug the standard Type-A Male connector into your computer, and the Type-B connector into
your other device.
Wide Compatibility
The Printer Cable is compatible with common devices with USB type B connectors like Arduino,
Blue, Brother, Canon, CyberPower, Dell, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, IOGEAR, Lexmark, M-Audio, and

    Color Black, Blue, Green

    Welcome to the future of seamless connectivity with the Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 1.8Mtr. Elevate your printing and data transfer experience with this high-quality, versatile cable designed to link your computer with printers and various other USB devices. Unveil a world of efficiency with our USB 2.0 A-Male to B-Male cable, boasting exceptional data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps.


    - USB 2.0 Cable:

    Experience cutting-edge USB 2.0 technology that ensures swift and reliable data transfer between your computer and USB devices.

    - Cable Length: 1.8 Meters:

    Enjoy the flexibility of a 1.8-meter cable, providing the perfect length for your connectivity needs. Need more length? We also offer options ranging from 1.8M to 5M.

    - Connector: A Male to B Male.

    The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable has a universal A-Male to B-Male connection, making it suitable for a broad range of devices.

    - 4 cores, 2A:

    With its 4-core construction and 2A capability, our cable provides a steady and efficient power supply for your connected devices.

    - Grey PVC housing:

    The cable's gray PVC casing is not only durable, but it also gives a sophisticated touch to your office.


    High-speed transfers:

    Enjoy lightning-fast data transfers at speeds of up to 480Mbps, meeting the needs of USB 2.0 devices. Our printer cable is also backward compatible with USB 1.1 (12Mbps) and USB 1.0 (1.5Mbps).

    Premium Quality:

    Invest in a cable built to last. Our printer cable features corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors and foil/braid shielding, ensuring long-term performance without noise or signal loss.

    Plug & Play, Easy Installation:

    Say goodbye to complicated installations. Simply plug the standard Type-A Male connector into your computer and the Type-B connector into your printer or other devices, and you're ready to go.

    Wide Compatibility:

    The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable is your universal solution, compatible with popular devices featuring USB type B connectors. Whether it's Arduino, Brother, Canon, Dell, or Samsung, this cable seamlessly connects them all.

    Durable and Reliable:

    The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable is designed to be durable and reliable. The strong build resists everyday wear and tear, making it a reliable solution for your printing and data transfer requirements. No more frayed or broken wires; Mowsil has you covered.

    Versatile applications:

    This cable is a versatile option for a variety of USB devices, not only printers. Connect your scanner, external hard drive, or any other USB type B-compatible equipment with ease. Experience a smooth flow of information across a variety of devices, giving you the flexibility you need in today's linked world.

    Tangle-free Design:

    Our cable is tangle-free, reducing the effort of untangling cables. Enjoy a clutter-free workstation and avoid the irritation of dealing with tangled connections, allowing you to concentrate on your activities without interruptions.

    Secure Connection:


    The Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable provides a safe and sturdy connection. The gold-plated connections not only prevent corrosion, but also provide a stable and dependable connection between your computer and your gadgets. Say goodbye to inconsistent connections and data transfer disruptions.

    Improve your connectivity experience:

    Finally, the Mowsil USB 2.0 Printer Cable 1.8Mtr exceeds expectations, providing longevity, adaptability, and a secure connection. Improve your connected experience now with a cable that fits the needs of modern computing. Choose Mowsil for a dependable and effective solution that streamlines your connection requirements. Order today and alter the way you print and transmit data, gaining trust in every connection.


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