Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable 2Mtr with Audio


Mowsil VGA TO HDMI Cable With Audio 2 Mtr

Aluminium Shell

Glod-plated Connector

Resolution: 1920X1080@60Hz

OD: 6 MM



  • HDMI to VGA CABLE - 2 mtr HDMI to VGA converter cable is ideal for transmitting and converting digital signal from HDMI devices(Notebook, PC, Laptop, DVD player etc) to analog signal VGA devices(TV, projector, monitor etc).
  • UTILITY & CONVENIENT - Built-in active convert chip from HDMI to VGA, no other adapter required, no need to set,2mtr cable is utility and convenient to convert HDMI signal input to VGA signal output. Plug and Play, no driver needed.
  • Support Audio & Video Output Sync : A 3.5mm audio cable from HDMI to VGA allows to connect the adapter to speaker and other audio devices, so that you can enjoy the audio and high resolution video, up to 1920×1200, 1080P, at the same time. USB cable is for 5V power supply. It optimizes the compatibility of low-power output HDMI port devices.
  • HIGH-END DESIGN - Metal connector provide rigidity protection and excellent transmission performance; This HDMI cable is made of heavy duty material, and this cable comes with a 3.5mm audio cable for output.
  • NOTE - This is not a bi-directional adapter cable and can NOT use for VGA to HDMI ,so you won’ t be able to use this in reverse.
Color Black, Blue, Green

Discover a new level of communication with the Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable 2Mtr with Audio, a complex solution that bridges the gap between HDMI and VGA devices. This 2-meter cable provides smooth transmission and conversion, connecting HDMI-enabled devices including notebooks, PCs, laptops, and DVD players to VGA-equipped displays like TVs, projectors, and monitors.

Digital Signals and Analog Convenience

Effortless conversion for simplified connectivity.

Gone are the days of sophisticated signal conversion. The Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable features a built-in active converter chip that converts HDMI to VGA, avoiding the need for extra adapters or complicated setup processes. With a handy 2-meter length, it provides a simple plug-and-play option for converting HDMI signal input to VGA signal output.

Audio and Visual Symphony

Complete connectivity for immersive experiences.

Beyond television transmission, this connection enhances your experience by including a 3.5mm audio line. Connect the adapter to external speakers or audio devices to listen to high-quality audio while watching high-resolution video. Enjoy a full multimedia experience with resolutions up to 1920×1200 and 1080P.

Perfect sync for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Experience flawless synchronization of audio and visual outputs. The 3.5mm audio cable guarantees that your audio and visual signals work together seamlessly, giving an immersive multimedia experience for movies, presentations, and gaming sessions alike.

Strong construction, dependable performance.

Rigidity and reliability for seamless transmission.

The metal connection is designed for longevity and provides not just rigidity protection but also great transmission performance. Get rid of interruptions and experience a steady and dependable connection that allows for smooth audio and video transmission.

Heavy-duty durability ensures long-lasting quality.

This HDMI cable is built to last, thanks to its heavy-duty components. Its sturdy design guarantees that it can withstand regular usage while yet enabling flexibility with its 2-meter length, giving you the best of both worlds: durability without sacrificing flexibility.

A comprehensive package for hassle-free connectivity.

The Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable includes a 3.5mm audio cable for output, providing a full solution for your audio and video transmission requirements. There's no need to worry about missing components because this cable has everything you need for a flawless connecting experience.

Improve your connectivity experience.

Welcome to a new era of connectedness, where seamless conversion, audio-visual harmony, and durable construction come together. Whether you're a professional wanting a dependable presentation solution, a movie buff yearning for immersive material, or a gamer requiring maximum audio-video synchronization, the Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable 2Mtr with Audio is custom-made to fit your unique requirements.

Accept the benefits of continuous connectedness. Elevate your presentations, expand your multimedia encounters, and improve your gaming sessions with a cable that not only connects but also changes the way you view digital material. The Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable connects you to a world where technology easily blends into your daily life.

Enhance your connectivity experience today. Order the Mowsil VGA to HDMI Cable 2Mtr with Audio and experience an unequalled combination of simplicity, performance, and dependability. Connect effortlessly and have an infinitely rich experience.

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