Mowsil USB-C Hub 11 IN 1





USB3.0*3, Type C Data

Type C PD100W

Braided Cable Length 12CM

Aluminium Alloy

Color Black, Blue, Green

Experience the pinnacle of communication with the Mowsil USB-C Hub 11 in 1, a powerful and adaptable multiport solution built exclusively for the most recent MacBook Pro and USB-C devices. This hub smoothly blends a variety of functions, such as an Ethernet connector, a USB-C charging port with Power Delivery (PD), a 4K HDMI port, SD and TF card readers, a 3.5mm Audio/mic 2-in-1 jack, and even a VGA port. This painstakingly constructed hub will enhance your networking experience and open up a world of possibilities.

Crystal-clear 4K HDMI output.

The Mowsil USB-C Hub's 4K HDMI port will elevate your watching experience to new heights. Whether you mirror or expand your screen, this hub allows you to send 4K UHD or Full HD 1080p video directly to HDTVs, monitors, or projectors. Immerse yourself in a cinematic visual feast, enhancing every moment with vibrancy and color.

Power Delivery at its finest.

The Mowsil USB-C Hub's exceptional Power Delivery features keep you fuelled up and ready for action. The USB-C charging connector enables PD charging at a maximum power of 87W, ensuring that your devices charge quickly and effectively. A Type-C pass-through female connection allows you to safely charge your devices while also attaching additional peripherals for data transmission.

Easy data transfer

The Mowsil USB-C Hub features four USB 3.0 ports for lightning-fast data transfer. With transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps, you can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or hard drive and experience uninterrupted data transfer. The variety of these ports simplifies data administration and increases overall efficiency.

Improved LAN Speed and Stability

The Mowsil USB-C Hub includes a Gigabit Ethernet connector with a LAN speed of 100Mbps to improve interoperability and device stability. Enjoy dependable and fast internet access for smooth online activities, enabling continuous contact and cooperation.

Compact design, limitless connectivity.

Despite its robust features, the Mowsil USB-C Hub is designed to be compact and portable. Slip it into your backpack or pocket and carry it with you wherever you go. The hub's sturdy design assures longevity, giving it a dependable companion for both work and fun.

Unmatched Versatility with Extra Ports

In addition to the standard connections, the Mowsil USB-C Hub has an SD card reader, TF card reader, 3.5mm Audio/mic 2-in-1 connector, and a VGA port. This amount of adaptability guarantees that you have the proper port for any situation, making the hub an essential tool for professionals, creatives, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your connectivity game with the Mowsil USB-C Hub—a comprehensive solution that brings together power, versatility, and crystal-clear visuals. Whether you're a creative professional, a business traveller, or someone who simply values seamless connectivity, this hub is your gateway to limitless possibilities. Order today!

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