Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter



Grey aluminum housing ,

24K Gold plated connector


Resolution : VGA @1080P , HDMI 4K @ 30HZ

Designed for maximum portability

The Mini DisplayPort to VGA+HTMI converter maximizes portability with a compact, lightweight design, making it the perfect travel accessory to carry with your Surface Pro or Ultrabook, fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case. This ultra-portable design makes this adapter perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications at the office.


The adapter offers molded-strain relief for flexibility at the connection points, reducing wear and tear from frequent use. A white label helps you identify which end is up for easy, quick insertion


No external power supply required. No need of any software Just plug and you are good to go





VGA @1080P , HDMI 4K @ 30HZ


MiniDP Male


VGA Female + HTMI female



Color Black, Blue, Green

Experience the future of communication with the Mowsil Mini DisplayPort to VGA+HDMI Adapter. This small powerhouse is meant to revolutionize mobility by connecting your Surface Pro or Ultrabook to VGA and HDMI screens with remarkable simplicity. Dive into a world where adaptability meets durability, making this adapter a must-have travel companion for those who seek uncompromising connectivity.

Portable and easy to move:

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter was precisely designed with optimal mobility in mind. The sleek and small form allows this adapter to easily slot into your laptop bag or carrying case, making it a great travel gear for individuals who are constantly on the go. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging large adapters; the Mowsil Mini DP adaptor is your passport to connectivity, ready to go wherever you are.

Connect with ease:

The adaptability of the Mini DisplayPort allows you to maximize the performance of your Surface Pro or Ultrabook. This adapter operates as a bridge between your Mini DisplayPort-enabled device and VGA and HDMI displays, allowing you to easily connect to a variety of monitors, projectors, and televisions. Whether you're at a boardroom presentation, a hotel room, or a coffee shop, the Mowsil Mini DP adapter guarantees that your device works effortlessly with various display configurations.

Dual connectivity: VGA and HDMI in one adapter.

Why settle for one when you can have everything? The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter offers the ease of dual connection. With both VGA and HDMI connections, you may connect to a variety of screens without the need for extra adapters. Whether you're making a business presentation with a projector or watching a movie on a large-screen TV, this adapter keeps you prepared for every display scenario.

Designed for durability: Your travel-ready companion.

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter is designed not only for mobility but also for durability. The sturdy construction guarantees that your adapter remains intact and fully functional, ready to face the difficulties of travelling. This adapter can withstand bumping in your backpack, temperature fluctuations, and many connections and disconnections.

The plug-and-play design combines simplicity and functionality.

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter is designed for ease of usage. The plug-and-play approach avoids the need for complicated setups or driver upgrades. Simply attach the adapter to your Mini DisplayPort and you'll be ready to expand or mirror your display. This user-friendly approach ensures that even people with less technical knowledge may fully utilize the capabilities of this robust networking solution.

Optimized Display Experience: High-Quality Output

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter provides visuals like never before. This adapter supports high resolutions, ensuring that your text is presented clearly and precisely. Whether you're working on complicated design projects, viewing high-definition films, or immersing yourself in gaming, the Mowsil Mini DP adapter provides a superb visual experience that matches the capabilities of your Mini DisplayPort-compatible device.

Flexible enough to be utilized across several devices:

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter is intended to work with a variety of devices outside the Surface Pro and Ultrabooks. This adapter works effortlessly with any Mini DisplayPort-enabled device, including MacBooks and Chromebooks. Enjoy the versatility of connecting to VGA and HDMI displays regardless of your device, boosting your connectivity possibilities like never before.

Travel friendly:

With the Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter, you can turn any area into a workplace. Whether you're in a hotel room, a co-working space, or a client's office, this adaptor allows you to expand or reflect your display, offering a comfortable and efficient work experience. Enhance your productivity by having the necessary connectivity wherever your work takes you.

The Mowsil Mini DP to VGA+HDMI Adapter is more than simply an accessory; it's a game changer for individuals who value flexibility and dependability in their networking choices. With its small size, two connectivity choices, durability, and high-quality output, this adapter is the key to accessing a world of seamless communication on the road.

Order yours today and change how you connect with Mowsil.

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