Mowsil Mini DP to HDMI Adapter


Mini DP Male to HDMI Female

Grey aluminum housing

24K Gold plated connector


Resolution: 4K x 2K @ 30HZ

Easily connect a Mini DisplayPort-compatible computer or tablet to an HDMI-equipped HDTV, monitor, or projector with this MOWSIL Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable. The convenient cable transmits both high-definition video and audio from your computer or tablet to an HD display.
Easily connect your Mini DisplayPort computer to an HDMI display

The MOWSIL MiniDP to HDMI adapter lets you connect your Mini DisplayPort laptop, desktop or tablet to an HDMI display. The adapter is compatible with MiniDP ports as well as Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports, and supports plug-and-play connectivity ensuring a hassle-free setup.

Works with HD TVs

The Mini DisplayPort adapter features a female HDMI connector that supports 7.1 audio, making your mDP computer fully compatible with an HDMI television or projector in your home or around your office.

Designed for maximum portability

The MOWSIL Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter maximizes portability with a compact, lightweight design, making it the perfect travel accessory to carry with your Surface Pro or Ultrabook, fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case. This ultra-portable design makes this adapter perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) applications at the office.

Crystal-clear picture quality

With support for video resolutions up to 1080p, you’ll be surprised at the picture spectacular picture quality this adapter provides. The adapter harnesses the video capabilities built into your mDP connection to deliver every detail in stunning high-definition.

Features: Input Type: Mini Dislay Port (Male) Output Type: HDMI (Female) Support HDTV highest video resolution 1080p Supports up to 1080p, 1920 X 1200 reduced blanking video resolution Supports HDTV 225 MHz / 2.25 Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel) bandwidth Supports HDTV 12 bit per channel (36 bit all channel) deep color Hassle-free connectivity with plug-and-play MiniDP to HDMI video adapter Crystal clear picture quality with support for high-definition video resolutions up to 1080p  

Color Black, Blue, Green

In a world where communication is essential, the Mowsil Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter shines as a beacon of seamless integration, allowing you to maximize the performance of your Mini DisplayPort-equipped computer or tablet. This high-performance adapter pushes the limits of convenience, bringing high-definition video and music to an HD display with unprecedented simplicity. Dive into a world of connectedness, where every detail is important.


Effortless connectivity and exceptional performance


It's never been easier to connect your Mini DisplayPort PC to an HDMI monitor. The Mowsil Mini DP to HDMI converter is a simple option for those who want a hassle-free setup. Whether you're using a Mini DisplayPort laptop, desktop, or tablet, this adapter is the key to a better visual experience. compatibility extended to Mini DP ports as well as Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports, ensuring that a world of connectivity is at your fingertips.


Plug-and-play Convenience:


There is no need for elaborate installations or sophisticated arrangements. The Mowsil Mini DP to HDMI adapter provides plug-and-play connectivity, making setup simple. Connecting your Mini DisplayPort device to an HDMI display is simple and does not require any additional drivers or software. You can start enjoying high-definition pictures and crystal-clear sounds as soon as you connect them in.

Designed for maximum portability.


The Mowsil Mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter was carefully developed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Its tiny and lightweight design maximizes portability, making it an ideal travel companion for your Surface Pro or Ultrabook. Tuck it easily into your laptop bag or carrying case, and you'll be ready to improve your visual experience wherever your travels take you. This ultra-portable design is excellent for professionals, students, and anybody who wants to stay connected on the go.


Superior compatibility for versatile connectivity.


With the Mowsil Mini DP to HDMI converter, you may experience a new level of compatibility. Whether you're using a Mini DisplayPort laptop, desktop, or tablet, this adapter provides smooth access to HDMI displays. Its compatibility with Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 I/O ports increases its versatility, making it an indispensable tool for users across a wide range of devices. This adaptor easily adapts to your demands, whether they are for corporate presentations or entertainment settings.


Immersive Visuals and Audio Excellence:


The Mowsil adaptor unlocks the full power of your Mini DisplayPort device, providing not just high-definition video but also enhanced audio quality. Whether you're watching movies, making presentations, or gaming, immerse yourself in a world of vivid sights and compelling sound. The adapter fits all your needs.


Conclusion: Improve Your Mowsil Connection:


In a world where communication unlocks limitless possibilities, the Mowsil Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter exemplifies simplicity, adaptability, and performance. Enhance your visual experience with a tiny and lightweight solution tailored to your current lifestyle. This adapter is ideal for people who want seamless connectivity on the road, whether they are business professionals or ardent travellers.


Order your Mowsil Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter today and enter a world where every connection is seamless, every detail counts, and your visual experience soars to new heights. Mowsil's connection is more than simply a feature; it's a guarantee of quality.

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