Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable Half Mtr



PVC with 1U gold plated

250MHz, 26 AWG, 7/0.16 BC


The Category 6 UTP Patch Cable is Suitable for connecting devices and creating a
10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps network
Cable Length: 30 CM to 5 M
PVC with 1U gold plated
250MHz , 26 AWG, 7/0.16 BC
OD : 5.8 mm


  • High-quality Ethernet Network Cable with two RJ45 Connectors
  • Up to 1000Mps / Gigabit Ethernet Speed
  • Cat 6 patch codes work with devices which have Ethernet Port such as the computers,
    laptops, network switches, Routers, and Router modem and so on


Color Black, Blue, Green

The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable Half Mtr stands out as a powerhouse, built to match the needs of contemporary data transmission. This Ethernet wonder combines precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and endurance, resulting in a bridge that effortlessly links devices and opens the way for high-speed networking. Let's go into the finer points of this product, revealing the aspects that make it a game changer in the world of networking cables.

Superior connectivity at your fingertips.

The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable is built on the ability to establish a high-performance network. This Category 6 UTP Patch Cable is not just appropriate; it is designed to excel in connecting devices and establishing networks at rates of 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and blazing 1000Mbps. Whether you're streaming multimedia, holding video conferences, or doing data-intensive jobs, this cable provides a strong and dependable network connection.

Specifications that define excellence:

- UTP Category 6:

This cable corresponds to the UTP CAT 6 standard, raising the bar for data transmission performance. The Category 6 categorization ensures superior signal integrity and performance, making it an excellent choice for professional networking situations.

- Cable Length: 30 cm to 5 meters:

The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable is available in lengths ranging from 30 centimeters to 5 meters, giving customers the flexibility to meet a variety of networking requirements. Whether you need small connections for close-range setups or larger cords for greater distances, Mowsil has you covered.

- PVC with one gold-plated unit:

The cable is made of precision-cut PVC and has 1U gold-plated connections. The gold-plated connections not only provide maximum signal transmission, but also prevent corrosion, adding to the cable's lifespan. The PVC jacket offers protection, flexibility, and lifespan.

- 250MHz, 26AWG, 7/0.16 BC:

With a frequency rating of 250MHz, a wire gauge of 26 AWG, and a copper conductor layout of 7/0.16 BC, the cable is built to handle high-speed data transmission with ease. These requirements help to eliminate signal interference and improve dependability.

- OD: 5.8mm:

The outside diameter of 5.8mm finds a compromise between flexibility and sturdiness, ensuring ease of use while remaining durable. The cable's design considers the significance of user-friendly construction without sacrificing on

High-quality Ethernet network cables:

The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable is more than simply a cable; it's a high-performance Ethernet network cable with two RJ45 connections. These connectors are precisely built to provide a secure and dependable connection. This connection, which can offer speeds of up to 1000Mbps or Gigabit Ethernet, meets the growing need for high-performance networks in both commercial and residential settings.

Versatile compatibility:

Mowsil's Cat 6 patch codes work flawlessly with devices with Ethernet connections. This cable links PCs, laptops, network switches, routers, and router modems. The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable's universal compatibility means that it is more than simply a solitary product; it is an essential component of your whole network environment.

Applications in Diverse Environments:

The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable is versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations. Whether you're building a home network, a small company office, or a large-scale corporate infrastructure, this cable is designed to fulfill the needs of a variety of networking situations. Its capacity to adapt to many surroundings demonstrates its adaptability and user-centered design.

Improving performance using Gigabit speeds:

Gigabit Ethernet speed is no longer a luxury; it's a need in today's digital economy. The Mowsil Cat6 UTP Cable guarantees that your network runs at top performance, allowing for flawless data transfers, rapid access to shared resources, and a fluid online experience. It is not just about speed; it is about improving the overall performance of your network architecture.

Mowsil ensures reliability.

Mowsil has always been linked with dependability, and the Cat6 UTP Cable is no exception. The company's devotion to quality is obvious in every part of the cable's construction, from the materials used to the precision manufacturing of connections. Users can rely on Mowsil to provide a cable that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, providing

a reliable and consistent network connection.

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