Mowsil AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable 10Mtr


MOWSIL Active Optical (AOC) High speed

Fiber HDMI Cable with Ethernet

HDMI Version 2.0V

Resolution: UHD 4K @ 60HZ

Bandwidth upto 18 Gbps

OD 4.8 MM

Hybrid Fibre cable and Copper wire

24K Gold plated Connector

Active Optical (AOC) High speed Fiber HDMI cable with Ethernet The Fiber Optical Hybrid HDMI cables are designed for commercial, studio, and residential use. Unlike conventional copper HDMI cables, the Fiber Optic Hybrid HDMI cables have an advanced chipset that enables the cables to maintain full 4K@60Hz HDMI signal integrity during long distance runs, making them the perfect solution for long distance HDMI connectivity. These Hybrid HDMI cables also feature a detachable HDMI connector that converts into a small Micro HDMI connector allowing it to easily fit through conduits or wire management systems. These HDMI cables also feature "S-Locked" HDMI connectors and are compatible with either HDMI or Micro HDMI Devices.


HDMI Version: 2.0V Resolution: UHD 4K @ 60HZ Bandwidth: upto 18 Gbps OD: 4.8 MM


Hybrid Fibre cable and Copper wire 24K Gold plated Connector
Color Black, Blue, Green

Mowsil, the leader in the digital business, proudly introduces the AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable, which spans an incredible 15 meters in the dynamic arena of modern technology.  Mowsil, the UAE's first and foremost inventor, ensures that your entertainment experience surpasses limits by combining quality, performance, and pure convenience.


With Mowsil's AOC HDMI cable, you may reach a new level of visual brilliance. With resolutions up to 4K, every pixel comes to life, whether you're immersed in a cinematic masterpiece, gaming in high-definition, or displaying your content creation prowess. With unmatched clarity and brilliant colors, you may enhance your visual experience.


With the cable's 60Hz refresh rate, you can immerse yourself in a world of swift motion and immersive sights. Mowsil's HDMI cable provides a visual journey without of stuttering or lag, boosting your watching pleasure, whether you're a gaming enthusiast seeking smooth frame transitions or a movie buff enjoying action-packed scenes.


Mowsil's dedication to technological innovation is shown in HDMI 2.0 compatibility. Accept increased resolutions, increased color depth, and dynamic audio-video synchronization. Stay ahead of the curve with a cable built to handle the expanding entertainment landscape.


With an incredible 15-meter cable length, you'll have more options in setting up your entertainment space. Whether you're connecting devices across a large living room or setting up a home theater system, Mowsil's AOC HDMI cable provides the necessary length without sacrificing performance. There are no more constraints, only pure connectivity.


Mowsil recognizes that form should be used in conjunction with function. The sleek and elegant style of the cable gives a touch of refinement to your setup. Furthermore, its long-lasting construction makes it resistant to wear and strain. Mowsil's dedication to exceptional quality ensures that your cable will be a dependable companion for many years to come.


Immerse yourself in a world of rich, high-quality sound rather than just watching. Mowsil's AOC HDMI cable provides a powerful and immersive audio experience in addition to excellent images. Every aspect is caught, from quiet dialogue to tremendous soundscapes, improving your total audio-visual journey.


Mowsil recognizes the significance of constant connectedness. The AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable works with a wide range of devices, including 4K TVs, gaming consoles, projectors, and more. Flexibility meets ease, allowing you to connect and enjoy your favorite content without worry about compatibility.


The cable's simple configuration reflects Mowsil's commitment to user-friendly experiences. No more tangled cables or complicated setups; connect quickly and enjoy superior performance. Mowsil provides a hassle-free experience that allows you to focus on what matters - enjoying your material - whether you're a tech-savvy individual or a casual user.


Rethink your connectivity expectations with the Mowsil AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable. Mowsil continues to be the torchbearer of technology breakthroughs in the UAE, bridging the gap between innovation and user experience. Enhance your entertainment experiences with a cable that combines style, performance, and dependability.

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