Mowsil VGA TO HDMI Cable With Audio 2 Mtr
Aluminium Shell
Glod-plated Connector
Resolution: 1920X1080@60Hz

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The converter cable saves you the hassle of combining an HDMI to VGA adapter with a bulky VGA cable by providing an end-to-end solution for connecting your digital HDMI computer to your VGA monitor or projector

VGA converter cable lets you connect your HDMI equipped Chromebook™, laptop or desktop to a VGA monitor or projector, with no additional adapters or cables required.

  • Connect an HDMI computer to the VGA monitor at your classroom desk or workstation
  • Use in your boardroom or office workstations for installations requiring 3 feet of cable
  • Install in your home workstation to make your HDMI computer compatible with your VGA monitor

Reduce clutter in your classroom or workstation with a precise-fitting 3-foot cable connecting your HDMI computer to your VGA display

Hassle-free installation with cable-style adapter enabling you to connect your HDMI source directly to a VGA display with no additional video cable required

Repurpose an existing or spare VGA display to work with your HDMI computer


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