Mowsil DP 8K 60Hz 1.4 Cable 5Mtr


Cable Length :5Mtr

DP Version 1.4 V

Resolution: 8K @ 60HZ ,4K@144HZ

OD 6.3 MM

RGB 4:4:4

Bandwidth upto 48 Gbps

24K Gold plated Connector

Color Black, Blue, Green

Welcome to the world of cutting-edge communication with the Mowsil DP 8K 60Hz 1.4 Cable 2Mtr. With this high-performance DisplayPort cable, you can take your viewing and audio experiences to new heights. It combines precision engineering and inventive design for smooth communication.

 Unleash 8K Brilliance!

Crystal Clear 8K Resolution at 60Hz.

The Mowsil 8K Display Port to Display Port 1.4V Cable provides an unparalleled visual experience. This connection provides stunning 8K resolution at a smooth 60Hz refresh rate, providing unsurpassed clarity and brightness to your screens. Immerse yourself in the world of high-definition material, whether you're playing games, creating films, or simply watching your favourite movies.

Superior construction ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Pure Copper Conductor with Chipset.

The Mowsil DP 8K Cable is built around a pure copper conductor, which has been precisely manufactured to provide excellent signal transmission. The addition of a chipset improves the cable's functionality by ensuring a solid and consistent connection for a continuous visual experience.

Aluminium head with 24k gold-plated connector.

The Mowsil 8K Cable's aluminium head is designed for longevity and adds a touch of refinement while also providing sturdy protection for the interior components. The 24K gold-plated connection ensures a corrosion-resistant interface, extending the cable's lifespan and retaining its high-performance capabilities over time.

Versatile Compatibility

Connectivity Beyond Boundaries

This multifunctional cable provides many options for your gadgets. The Mowsil DP 8K Cable works with a broad range of devices, including MacBooks, laptops, desktop PCs, LED/LCD TVs, projectors, iMacs, graphics cards, gaming monitors, and interactive panels, ensuring smooth integration into your digital world.

Future-proof your setup.

This cable is designed to handle the needs of developing display technologies, making it future-ready. Whether you're dealing with cutting-edge graphics cards, gaming consoles, or high-end displays, the Mowsil 8K Cable is designed to keep up with advances in display resolution and refresh rate.

Ideal Length and Elegant Color

Perfectly measured 2 meters.

With a length of 2 meters, the Mowsil DP 8K Cable finds the ideal balance between flexibility and convenience. Whether you're connecting gadgets on your desk or setting up a home theatre system, this cable is the perfect length for a clean and organized workspace.

Sleek in Grey

The Mowsil DP 8K Cable, in sleek grey, adds a touch of refinement to your setup. It not only provides great performance but also enhances the looks of your gadgets and surroundings.

Improve your connectivity experience.

Embrace the future of visual and audio connection with the Mowsil DP 8K 60Hz 1.4 Cable 2M. Whether you're a content producer, gamer, or professional, this cable is built to withstand the demands of today's high-resolution monitors. Mowsil improves your watching experience, simplifies your setup, and provides seamless connectivity to your digital environment. Order your Mowsil DP 8K Cable today and begin the journey to a new age of visual brilliance.

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