موسيل كيبل 4K ديسبلاي بورت 60 هرتز 1.2 مقاس 10 متر


DP Male to DP Male Cable

Cable Version : 1.2V

Aluminum head

Resolution: 4K @ 60/30 Hz

OD 7.3 MM

Pure copper conductor with chipset 24K Gold plated


● DP Cable 1.2 male to male enables you to connect your Displayport equipped PC/laptops to monitors, projectors, HDTVs for high-resolution video and audio transmission.

● Displayport to DisplayPort cable can easily connect a DisplayPort DP equipped computer to an HDTV, monitor or projector with DisplayPort for high definition audio and video. It is suitable for laptops (e.g. Acer Aspire 8935G, HP EliteBook 8440p, Toshiba Tecra A, Dell Inspiron 14z oder Lenovo Thinkpad T410 / T500 / W520 etc.) and PC graphics cards (e.g. Geforce GTX 660 / 680 / 760 / 780, Radeon R9 290, etc.)

● DP cable Supports synchronized audio and video transmission over one cable. Support video resolutions up to 3840×2160 @60Hz and 1080P Full HD), and flawless audio pass-thru for uncompressed digital 7.1, 5.1 or 2 channel

● Displayport cables are Made of triple shielding, gold plated contacts and 28AWG OFC copper to ensure interference-free signal transmission. Displayport is with a release button for easy and secure connection

● DP to DP cable Transmits high-definition video from your computer to a monitor for video streaming; Connect and configure your monitor for an Extended Desktop or Mirrored Displays

● Ultra HD 4K Displayport 1.2v cord Extend or Mirror your Laptop/PC to a second display for an expanded workstation, home theatre or show presentations on a projector at office, school or home

Color Black, Blue, Green

In the dynamic world of digital displays, Mowsil is a pioneer of innovation, and our DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable 2Mtr demonstrates this dedication. This is more than simply a wire; it ushers in a new era of visual immersion. Today, we'll look at the qualities that distinguish the Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable, which promises a seamless connection that changes the way you view and interact with your digital entertainment.

 Introducing Mowsil: A Brand You Can Trust.

At the heart of this display cable is the Mowsil brand, which is renowned with dependability and innovation. With over a decade of expertise, Mowsil has established a market niche by constantly producing goods that meet and surpass user expectations. The DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable 2Mtr demonstrates Mowsil's commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology.

 DisplayPort: A Modern Display Standard Connector Type

The Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable makes use of a DisplayPort connector, which has become the industry standard for current display interfaces. This provides interoperability with a diverse range of devices, making it an adaptable option for projectors, monitors, and personal computers. The male-to-male design simplifies connectivity by removing the requirement for additional adapters or converters.

 High-Speed Bandwidth: Streaming Data @ 21.6 Gbit/s

One of this cable's distinguishing features is its high-speed bandwidth. The cable supports DisplayPort 1.2 and has a transfer speed of up to 21.6 Gbit/s. This not only provides consistent and interference-free data transmission, but it also future-proofs your system to meet the demands of increasingly data-intensive apps and content.

 Crystal-clear resolutions: Immerse yourself in 4K visuals.

The Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable improves display quality by supporting resolutions of up to 4K at 60Hz. Whether you're working on a creative project, gaming, or simply watching multimedia content, this cable provides a clear and colorful visual experience. The connection easily adapts to your display preferences, ranging from 3440x1440@60Hz to 1920x1080p@144Hz.

 Seamless Video Transmission: Enhance Your Visual Experience

Enjoy high-definition video transmission like never before. The Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable is intended to create amazing 3D visual effects, guaranteeing that each frame is transmitted precisely. This is especially important for gamers and video developers who require precision and clarity in their pictures. The cable does more than just transport video; it produces an immersive visual experience.

 Audio and Video Simultaneous Transmission: A unified experience.

The Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable not only delivers excellent graphics, but it also includes audio, enabling for simultaneous transmission. This function eliminates the need for separate audio cords, simplifying your setup while still providing high-quality audio output. Whether you're participating in video conferences or having a movie night, the cable provides a consistent audio-visual experience.

 Durable construction: pure copper conductor with 24K gold-plated connector.

Durability is an important consideration, and Mowsil does not disappoint. The DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable has a pure copper conductor for superior signal integrity and longevity. The 24K gold-plated connector adds elegance while also increasing conductivity and lowering the danger of corrosion. This strong structure ensures a steady connection over the long term.

Improve Your Display Connectivity with the Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable

In an age when visual quality is everything, the Mowsil DP 4K 60Hz 1.2 Cable stands out as a champion of high-speed, high-resolution connectivity. This connection is a versatile solution for anyone looking for superior display performance, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of devices and exceptional data transmission capabilities. Elevate your visual experiences, simplify your setup, and rely on Mowsil to offer a cable that exceeds expectations.

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