موسيل أي او سي اتش دي ام أي 60 هرتز 2.0 كيبل 25 متر


HDMI Version 2.0V

Resolution: UHD 4K @ 60HZ

Bandwidth upto 18 Gbps

OD 4.8 MM

Hybrid Fibre cable and Copper wire

24K Gold plated Removable Connector (DA)

Active Optical (AOC) High speed Fiber HDMI cable with Ethernet The Fiber Optical Hybrid HDMI cables are designed for commercial, studio, and residential use. Unlike conventional copper HDMI cables, the Fiber Optic Hybrid HDMI cables have an advanced chipset that enables the cables to maintain full 4K@60Hz HDMI signal integrity during long distance runs, making them the perfect solution for long distance HDMI connectivity. These Hybrid HDMI cables also feature a detachable HDMI connector that converts into a small Micro HDMI connector allowing it to easily fit through conduits or wire management systems. These HDMI cables also feature "S-Locked" HDMI connectors and are compatible with either HDMI or Micro HDMI Devices.


HDMI Version: 2.0V Resolution: UHD 4K @ 60HZ Bandwidth: upto 18 Gbps OD: 4.8 MM


Hybrid Fibre cable and Copper wire 24K Gold plated Connector


Color Black, Blue, Green

The Mowsil AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable DA 10m is a game-changing addition designed for business, studio, and domestic use. Mowsil's Fiber Optic Hybrid HDMI cables differ from traditional copper HDMI cables in that they have an innovative chipset that not only maintains a faultless 4K @ 60Hz HDMI signal over long distances but also promotes itself as the optimum solution for long-term HDMI communication.

The key feature of these cables is their sophisticated chipset, which sets them apart from the competition. This technology not only assures optimal signal quality but also expands compatibility to a wide range of devices, including LED/LCD monitors and projectors, laptops, desktops, iMacs, graphics cards, and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation. The Mowsil AOC HDMI cable's versatility makes it necessary for professionals & tech enthusiasts.

The detachable HDMI connector, which easily transforms into a small Micro HDMI connector, is a noteworthy feature of these Hybrid HDMI cables. This innovation not only makes installation easier, but it also makes these cables adaptable to a variety of installations, easily traversing through conduits or wire management systems. The detachable connector's versatility demonstrates Mowsil's dedication to user-friendly design and functionality in real-world applications.

These cables address the issues of long-distance HDMI connectivity by introducing the notion of "S-Locked" HDMI connectors. This ensures a consistent and stable connection, reducing the possibility of signal disruptions or degradation. The Mowsil AOC HDMI cable provides a stable link when connecting HDMI or Micro HDMI devices, reliably providing spectacular 4K graphics at 60Hz.

Aside from modern technology, the Mowsil AOC HDMI cable is made of hybrid fiber and copper wire. This combination not only increases the cable's resilience but also contributes to its capacity to transmit high-quality signals over its 100-meter length. The 24K gold-plated connectors improve the cable's performance by assuring optimal conductivity and corrosion resistance, thus extending the cable's lifespan.

The Mowsil AOC HDMI cable has a sleek grey color that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional. The cable's basic form guarantees that it blends in with any context, whether it's a professional studio setup or a home entertainment system. The cable's simple yet sophisticated design is consistent with Mowsil's dedication to providing goods that not only work well but also exude elegance in any situation.

The Mowsil AOC HDMI 4K 60Hz 2.0 Cable DA 10m is a shining example of HDMI cable innovation. These cables redefine the criteria for long-distance HDMI connectivity with features like the detachable connector, "S-Locked" HDMI connectors, and hybrid fiber-copper architecture. Whether you're a content creator, a tech enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a high-quality watching experience, Mowsil's HDMI cable is a wise investment that ensures your pictures are delivered with unrivaled clarity and dependability. Mowsil elevates your connectivity experience by combining modern technologies with user-friendly design.


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